A Little Encouragement

Often I ask myself why I bother to pursue creating comics. It probably has something to do with how they make me feel and that they are a sincere expression of who I am; what I’m about. It’s also fun to tell a story. It certainly is not about wanting to be heard, admired or […]

My Comic Conversion

By Amanda Eike Koehler Since my late-in-life introduction to comics I haven’t gone a month without hitting up the public library for the next one on my list. I wouldn’t call it an addiction, but at this point I don’t see my interest waning. In March 2016 I volunteered at the inaugural DINK (Denver comic […]

01 A look at design in comics

Texture, Direction, Loud/ Quiet and Straight /Curved by Ted Intorcio I just finished reading The Envelope Manufacturer by Chris Oliveros; a dark comedy and winding-tale set in the ‘50s about a man, Jack Cluthers, struggling to keep his micro-manufacturing company from having to close its doors due to all the usual challenges a small business […]

A Newbie’s Take on Comics

By Amanda Eike Koehler Until 2015, my knowledge of comics centered around Sunday strips and the antics of Calvin and Hobbes. I read chapter books at an early age and decided that pictures meant kids’ stories—superheroes, cutesy characters, stuff for boys too lazy to read ‘real’ books. Then earlier this year I met Ted Intorcio, […]

Fantasy’s Dirty Little Secret

Fantasy’s dirty little secret. Superheroes and fantasy…zombies. Trolls. Magic. Dragons. Mind powers, dimensional travel. If the art of the comic is a medium, why is so much of it centered around the single genre of mindless escapism that has saturated all media? I tend to think it’s because readers don’t realize what really makes a […]