A Little Encouragement

Often I ask myself why I bother to pursue creating comics. It probably has something to do with how they make me feel and that they are a sincere expression of who I am; what I’m about. It’s also fun to tell a story. It certainly is not about wanting to be heard, admired or complimented. That said, when an unsolicited, positive review makes its way to me, I can’t he

lp but feel very grateful and even touched. I recently completed Horse Laugh: The Death of Freckles AKA Mickey Daniels without much fanfare. Just threw it up on the site. It’s the second in a trilogy of comics on the real lives (and deaths) of a few of the kids who played prominent roles in the Our Gang comedies. I received this message last week and thought I’d share with you and give my heartfelt thanks to its author. Thanks, Gary, It’s nice to be appreciated.



Hey, Ted!

I bought and just read your book – loved it!

I learned about Mickey when AMC showed all his old Our Gang shorts a few years back.  

I read online about how he died and just always found his slide into obscurity fascinating.  I didn’t think anyone else today still remembered or cared about him.  I stumbled across your book online while looking up things about him, and I couldn’t believe there was a biographical comic out there 

about the death of Mickey Daniels!  No way I could pass that up!

I remember reading he started going by Mike Daniels later in life.  Really makes me wonder why he tried to hide his past.  I saw the “You Asked For It

” special on YouTube a few years ago.  Really sad to see him missing teeth and still doing that horse laugh.

Just nice to see that someone else remembered him, too.


You mentioned reading a comic about Alfalfa – can you tell me the name of it?  I’d love to check it out.

I grew up watching the Little Rascals almost daily and have spent lots of time researching their lives online.

Thanks for throwing in the Head and Torso book, too!  Just starting it.  My wife actually played accordion as a kid, too!



I have drawn comics since childhood – a little freelance here and there, but mostly for fun.  I recently did a picture book – something new for me.  You can see it at http://garytoons.com/index.php/book/ if you want to check it out sometime.  You can see some of my comics there, too.

Anyhow, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book!


Gary Fetters









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  1. GarE

    Hey, Ted!

    Thanks for posting my email and the link to my site! I appreciate it! I look forward to checking out your Alfalfa book soon!


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