Little Gods Lapel Pin

We’ve just produced a limited edition hard enamel pin from Leda Zawacki’s graphic novel, Little Gods! One of the most lovable creatures in Leda’s mythical world, these bears are not only cute but they also represent love, loyalty and kindness! Leda  has signed each of the 100 limited edition backing cards. Get yours before they’re […]

A Little Encouragement

Often I ask myself why I bother to pursue creating comics. It probably has something to do with how they make me feel and that they are a sincere expression of who I am; what I’m about. It’s also fun to tell a story. It certainly is not about wanting to be heard, admired or […]

My Comic Conversion

By Amanda Eike Koehler Since my late-in-life introduction to comics I haven’t gone a month without hitting up the public library for the next one on my list. I wouldn’t call it an addiction, but at this point I don’t see my interest waning. In March 2016 I volunteered at the inaugural DINK (Denver comic […]