The Seeker

The Seeker is a deceptively dark adolescent fantasy. Valasco tightrope walks through the innocent everyday magic of childhood, while sticky and more hormonal currents, begin to penetrate the whimsical suburban environs. A coming-of-age story by way of magical realism, The Seeker has as many layers as a forest’s bed of dead leaves.6″x9″ 70 Pgs BWAvailable […]

Tomorrow Forever

Theth: Tomorrow Forever is an anti-narrative, an artists journey down the gullet of Saturn devouring his son, nursed by Alice the Goon, Wendy O. Williams, coffee and winter in Ohio. Bayer’s hardcore coming of age fever dream is half-heart, half-groin, all oblivion; and takes the reader to the inside of a lost boy thrashing through slush […]

Silence Anthology

M.S. Harkness brings together this anthology of stories from cartoonists that are best known for creating auto-bio comics. They are normally independent and self-directed. However, something unique, unexpected and entertaining happens by introducing collaboration between these artists (one writes, the other illustrates) and encouraging an ongoing dialogue: the blending of ideas and styles that are more than […]


Loosely inspired by Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein this 36-page violent nightmare is offset by beautiful colors and followed by a five-page backup feature and pin-ups by Jason T Miles and Matthew Thurber. Cover by Jeff Test, this story-within-the-story serves as a bookend to “Theth: Tomorrow Forever”.6 5/8″ x 10.125″  36 Pages Full Color$6.00

Jumbo Mumbo

Mumbo has delighted comics fans for many years. Containing interviews, sketchbook pages, classic comics and comic strips from the likes of famous artists like R. Crumb, Denis Kitchen, Jay Lynch and Walt Kelly among others, Jumbo Mumbo collects David Tosh’s personal comics journal, for the first time. In addition, covering history, personal stories and commentary […]

Little Gods

  Leda Zawacki’s Little Gods and its prequel, Sky Gods, (both included in this book) were originally inspired by the Northwest Native American creation mythology Mount Shasta and the Grizzly Bears. Sky Gods closely follows the Native American myth and uses much of the original text. With Little Gods, the story is diverted into an alternate, female-focused mythology while embracing some of the […]

An Introduction To Alcohol

                    Can patterns of bad behavior be broken, or are we doomed to repeat the sins of the father? Darkly funny, this story plums the artist’s troubled relationship with his dad and the role alcohol played in that struggle. INTRO tells a true tale with complex […]

Horse Laugh: The Death of Mickey Daniels

The Our Gang series (later the Little Rascals) were the most popular series of short comedies featuring kids ever created. Mickey Daniels was its premiere cast member and America’s sweetheart from its inception in1922 to 1926. So, why is it you’ve never heard of him? A fascinating look at the fall of a child actor’s […]

The Ultimate Laugh

By Sara Lautman A popular talk show is retro-scripted through the medium of food. The administration intervenes to manipulate human bonding. A Jenny Craig commercial is honored in silent ballet. Death proposes. The Ultimate Laugh collects eight of Sara Lautman’s best stories from 2015 in autobiography, illustrated essays, and tall tales. 6”x9” 76 Pages BW & Full […]