Little Gods


Leda Zawacki’s Little Gods and its prequel, Sky Gods, (both included in this book) were originally inspired by the Northwest Native American creation mythology Mount Shasta and the Grizzly BearsSky Gods closely follows the Native American myth and uses much of the original text. With Little Gods, the story is diverted into an alternate, female-focused mythology while embracing some of the main themes and symbolism from the original story.


“Leda Zawacki has created a beautiful fairy tale, half modern, half myth. The Sky God’s rebellious older daughter ventures out into the world to find it both more dangerous and more wonderful than she ever expected. Delicately inked and colored with layers of earthy watercolors, the pages are a delight.”

-Maia Kobabe, author of A Thief’s Tale


“Leda Zawacki has opened her book of spells and created a tender queer universe where delicately rendered bears, foxes, rabbits, and girls bound across painstakingly watercolored pages. Readers are lucky to get the chance to dwell in her forest, mountain, and astral plane in these pages.”

-Nicole J Georges, author of Fetch and Calling Dr Laura


6.75″x10.25″ 88 pages Full Color TPB

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