You Will Not Be Missed

By Kevin Budnik How many odd, nuanced thoughts fly through your conscious mind each day? Kevin Budnik has taken the liberty to record his ponderances as comic strips that read like amusing Haikus. They strike an emotional chord but manage to morph sadness and melancholy into a smile, giggle, and sometimes laugh-out-loud reflections in the […]

A Story For Desmond

By Jason Walz The follow-up to Jason Walz’s Eisner-nominated Homesick. In an attempt to quiet his screaming baby, a father explains the loss of a grandparent and the legacy that means that connects generations. An adventure that spans the depths of the ocean to the farthest reaches of space—A Story for Desmond makes ideas like […]


By Jason Walz A 2014 Eisner Nominee for best graphic novel! A story about love, loss, and letting go. Homesick blends two stories: the author facing the very real threat of losing his mom to cancer, with that of a lost and forgotten Cosmonaut who spirals out of orbit, coming to grips with his own […]

Short and Merciless Stories

By Marco Taddei and Simone Angelini A wonderful collection of fables that pull from the strong sense of dread we all have hidden in the pit our stomachs and forces us to laugh in spite of ourselves. Whether it’s a farmer’s descent into existential delusion or a common house fly’s speedy evolution into a social […]