An Introduction To Alcohol

                    Can patterns of bad behavior be broken, or are we doomed to repeat the sins of the father? Darkly funny, this story plums the artist’s troubled relationship with his dad and the role alcohol played in that struggle. INTRO tells a true tale with complex […]

Everything Is Really Hard Today

                      Life sucks. Everything is Really Hard Today charts the mental health of the author, Kevin Budnik, in this collection of his daily journal comics. The accounts thread together to provide an intimate, poignant and often playful peek into the darkness that is depression, OCD, and loneliness. To quote Charlie Brown, […]

Horse Laugh: The Death of Mickey Daniels

The Our Gang series (later the Little Rascals) were the most popular series of short comedies featuring kids ever created. Mickey Daniels was its premiere cast member and America’s sweetheart from its inception in1922 to 1926. So, why is it you’ve never heard of him? A fascinating look at the fall of a child actor’s […]

The Ultimate Laugh

By Sara Lautman A popular talk show is retro-scripted through the medium of food. The administration intervenes to manipulate human bonding. A Jenny Craig commercial is honored in silent ballet. Death proposes. The Ultimate Laugh collects eight of Sara Lautman’s best stories from 2015 in autobiography, illustrated essays, and tall tales. 6”x9” 76 Pages BW & Full […]

Pneuma It’s just another day for Sylvia, Alan, Brian and David. Or is it? The routine of daily life distracts us from an undeniable reality. Everything is about to change. Sometimes for the better. Often times not. New from British author and artist Daniel Locke comes Pneuma, the new 24-page comic in full color. […]


By Lonnie MF Allen “There’s no crying in threesomes!” Lonnie ‘MF’ Allen is brash yet contemplative. His comics speak to a confused, disenfranchised and lonely generation and they’re hilarious! Delineate is a collection of strips that is very layered; he’s not afraid of big words and bigger meaning and it’s made all the better with his […]

You Will Not Be Missed

By Kevin Budnik How many odd, nuanced thoughts fly through your conscious mind each day? Kevin Budnik has taken the liberty to record his ponderances as comic strips that read like amusing Haikus. They strike an emotional chord but manage to morph sadness and melancholy into a smile, giggle, and sometimes laugh-out-loud reflections in the […]

A Story For Desmond

By Jason Walz The follow-up to Jason Walz’s Eisner-nominated Homesick. In an attempt to quiet his screaming baby, a father explains the loss of a grandparent and the legacy that means that connects generations. An adventure that spans the depths of the ocean to the farthest reaches of space—A Story for Desmond makes ideas like […]


By Jason Walz A 2014 Eisner Nominee for best graphic novel! A story about love, loss, and letting go. Homesick blends two stories: the author facing the very real threat of losing his mom to cancer, with that of a lost and forgotten Cosmonaut who spirals out of orbit, coming to grips with his own […]