Here We Go

Life goes on, I guess. A follow up to Everything is Really Hard Today, Here We Go puts you right inside the author’s head and asks you to have a look around. Kevin confronts his father’s illness, relationships, and everyday life, inviting us along to weigh in. His observations, insights, and emotional and mental states are […]


RM by Josh Bayer Have you ever wanted to experience a tale of horror in order to escape your own reality? In this collection and for the first time in full color, Josh Bayer takes the stories of ROM The Space Knight, originally written by Bill Mantlo and makes them his own, reinterpreting them and […]

Everything Is Really Hard Today

                      Life sucks. Everything is Really Hard Today charts the mental health of the author, Kevin Budnik, in this collection of his daily journal comics. The accounts thread together to provide an intimate, poignant and often playful peek into the darkness that is depression, OCD, and loneliness. To quote Charlie Brown, […]