Goiter #5


William Cucumber is having a bad summer. He’s lost his crumby job at the beach and has no prospects. His parents are divorcing so he’s forced to move out of the house into a tent in the backyard. In an attempt to make money from medical experiments, he inadvertently gets addicted to smoking and develops a nasty rash. Laura is the daughter of his mother’s new boyfriend. She’s convinced her father is a murderer. Is this true or just another hallucination? Goiter is a quirky, unique, anthology of comics in the spirit of Eightball. Josh is a master at making the ordinary seem weird and uncomfortable as well as funny. It’s a 36-page comic we’re putting out there in the hopes that we can produce it as a regular, ongoing series.

Work by Josh Pettinger

6 5/8″x10.25″ 36 Pages FC




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